Thursday, 12 July 2018

Top 5 Best Paid Survey Sites To Earn Decent Money

These are the top 5 best paid surveys that I have personally used. I have written separate in-depth reviews of most of these survey sites on this blog. Completing surveys is a good way to earn some extra income every month, with the opportunity to earn even more if you participate in high paying surveys and focus groups. With telephone surveys paying $25 or more and focus groups paying at least $50 or more, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Toluna Paid Surveys

Different from other survey sites, Toluna's points system uses thousands of points, which means you need to accumulate a large number of points to redeem them for a reward. But it is fairly easy to accumulate points with Toluna as you are given the option to earn up to 30,000 points in one session. This means in a short time you can be in possession of a substantial gift card or PayPal payment. It is in your best interest to fill your profile in to increase the number of surveys you qualify for. Filling in your profile is a good way to earn some extra points. Completing surveys related to customer polls, topics, battles, or thumbs is a good way to earn bonus points from short surveys. Toluna is free to join and there is nothing to pay ever.

Opinion World

It is reasonably easy to accumulate points within Opinion World, with most surveys paying between 60 and 100 points. The shorter 10-minute surveys pay between 20 and 40 points. Once your rewards balance reaches 500 points you can redeem it for an iTunes gift card, a PayPal money voucher, or an e-voucher. Alternatively, you can donate your points to one of the selected causes or charities. I have been able to accumulate 500 points relatively quickly in a few days. Wait a few weeks to complete more surveys as I recently did and cash out a larger amount. Adding $30 to your weekly money gives you some extra spending money. Opinion World is free to join and there is nothing to pay ever.

Gold Opinions

Gold Opinions is a survey database giving you the opportunity to sign up with the top paying surveys and focus groups. Joining the paid survey companies and focus groups are free. Gold Opinions charges a monthly fee for upkeep of the website and providing group members with daily researched survey and focus group opportunities. To research these opportunities would take you considerable time and a survey payment is enough to cover the membership fee. You can get on with what you need from surveys which is earning money to supplement your income. If you are looking for unlimited survey work, Gold Opinions offers a huge selection of survey sites and focus groups to keep you busy for a long time. Gold Opinions offers all new members a $1 7 day trial and after that a full 60-day refund. This means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Swagbucks also has a long list of survey opportunities, and when you finish Swagbucks main survey site opportunities, you can get started with Peanut Lab's survey opportunities. Don't be put off by the name Peanut Labs surveys pay as well as Swagbucks if not better in some cases. If you are screened out of a survey it doesn't matter because you still earn. If you don't have time to do surveys some days, make a point to log in to the site to redeem the Facebook Swagcode, do the daily poll, and daily search to ensure you're earning every day, and you will soon be redeeming your points for a reward. Swagbucks is free to join and there is nothing to pay ever.

Take Surveys For Cash 

Take Surveys For Cash is another survey database like Gold Opinions but they do not research high paying focus groups every day. What they do excel at is catering to most countries around the world by offering surveys for these countries. You may think you can research these opportunities yourself with Google. This may be the case, but Take Surveys For Cash specializes in finding the highest paying surveys worldwide. Take Surveys For Cash is a membership site but you pay a one-time payment. If you find that Take Surveys For Cash doesn't provide the value that you want you to get a full 60-day refund.

Taking the next step is often the hardest part but I have explained what you can expect if you join these survey sites. These are the top 5 best paid surveys sites I have had experience with. None of these reviews have been written copying and pasting off the survey site's front page. All reviews are unique and are based on my experience.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Toluna Paid Surveys Review

While unlimited work is not guaranteed with Toluna Paid Surveys, you are given the opportunity to qualify for 30,000 or more points in one session. As with other market research panels it's in your best interest to complete your profile to give yourself the best chance of being offered the maximum number of surveys. Even though filling in your profile may be something that you might put off, you earn points for every profile survey you fill in. Filling in profile surveys is a good way to get started with your survey work and get a thousand or more points saved.

Signing up for Toluna is as easy as signing up with an email and password or you can log in with your Facebook account. It's not all work with Toluna, included in the site is a games section which includes games related to the latest sporting events, as well as a wordsearch to give the grey matter a workout. There is a friendly poll to participate in, no points are awarded but you are invited to participate in related surveys. The poll section gives you the opportunity to create your own polls and you can poll the Toluna community on whatever topic or cause that are of interest to you. It doesn't need to be a serious topic. Some people poll the community about TV shows that they follow. The topics section work in a similar way but instead of voting in polls, members can post on topics that are important to them. Also similar are battles and the thumbs section where you vote on topics.

Toluna organises it's paid survey section into a number of categories that range from lifestyle, travel, computing and internet, cars and motors, and other. You can select from the sections or choose the category displayed at the top of the survey section. One good thing about Toluna is that you can accumulate points relatively quickly meaning that you can redeem your points sooner.When you redeem your points, with earned rewards you can choose from a gift card or PayPal money. The more points you redeem the higher the value of the gift card. Reward redemption starts at 15000 points for a $10 gift card but different gift cards require various points balances.

Toluna paid surveys is not only a market research panel but a site that has built a community for the market research panel. As with all work, no one can continue to work indefinitely. It is good to have social contact with others to learn and grow. The social section rewards its members for getting involved by offering them more opportunities earn more points with every poll or post they participate in. These benefits make Toluna paid surveys one of the better market research sites which is why I rank it as one of my number one picks.

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Swagbucks Paid Surveys Review

Swagbucks is a hub that gives value to its members in the form of helping them to earn points or Swagbucks to later be redeemed for rewards. There are many ways to get rewarded with Swagbucks, but the one we are concerned with today is Swagbucks paid survey section.

Swagbucks does not survey their membership but instead has partnerships with leading market research panel that post their survey opportunities on the Swagbucks site. Rewards range from a few Swagbucks to 60 or 80 Swagbucks. Depending on the length of the survey you can earn more. One of the best things about doing surveys on Swagbucks is that there is an almost unlimited amount of surveys to complete.

We have discussed Swagbucks main survey section, but Swagbucks also partners with another market research host called Peanut Labs. You may have used this host on other pay to click sites and may have seen that the rewards that Peanut Labs have offered on these sites are significantly low. But on Swagbucks the rewards paid are equal to the other section or if not higher. With some of the longer surveys, I have been awarded up to 125 swagbucks. Rewards of this amount are not offered within Swagbucks main survey section. Another thing to mention is that there are many survey opportunities to attempt within Peanut Labs, and if you are screened out of the survey, they still reward you with one swagbuck.

Completing paid surveys within Swagbucks is one of the best ways to earn within Swagbucks as you don't need to buy anything and you can decide how much work you want to do. Complete surveys every day and your Swagbucks balance will increase quickly and you will be able to redeem it for a gift card or payment from PayPal.

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Monday, 9 July 2018

How To Find Legitimate Paid Surveys Online

Unfortunately, in life, there are people that are dishonest and are not willing to make the necessary effort to earn a living the honest way. Instead, they decide that the dishonest path is the shortcut to wealth. When in reality they are shortchanging themselves and people who place their trust in them. Once they are found out they start all over again with another fly by night operation. But it will soon be known by many people as people don't like getting ripped off.

One of the best ways to find legitimate paid surveys online is to be referred by a member of that survey database or someone who is knowledgeable of that survey database. With the introduction of affiliate marketing, anyone can promote various survey opportunities but many people that write reviews about market research sites often base their review on another review of a survey opportunity. I believe that if you are going to promote and review a product you need to know whether the product is something that you are willing to lend your reputation to. If you promote a product that pays a high sales commission but is poor quality, you are deceiving your readers who have placed their trust in you.

All market research companies listed on this blog, I have joined and have tested. None of the reviews posted on this blog a based on another person's review. Not only is it misleading for readers but the other person's review may not be based on facts and could lead to readers being misinformed. There are survey databases on the web that pay people a high commission and appear to be good businesses. I have joined them as on their sales page they have stated that they have hundreds of survey opportunities. But within this database, instead of getting access to hundreds of survey opportunities, I received access to a database of hundreds of broken links.

The best way to find legitimate paid surveys online is to be referred to the offer by someone that states they have used the site and are willing to back up the claims in their survey opportunity review. Everyone wants to be rewarded for their work. I want to help people find survey opportunities where they can earn money and get value for their money. I will not promote a product with a high commission full of false claims or broken links.

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Sunday, 8 July 2018

How Can I Get Paid To Do Online Surveys

If you want to know how you can get paid to do online surveys, the hardest part is often getting started. But signing up for a market research site or a survey database like Gold Opinions or Take Surveys For Cash is fairly straightforward. Minimal information is required and you can be set up to start taking surveys the same day you sign up.

But consistency is the key. If you decide that doing online surveys is going to be something that you only participate in every now and again, you won't receive the best offers. The exception to the rule is if you become a Gold Opinions member where the best survey opportunities and focus group opportunities are researched for. But being a reliable and consistent worker helps you build your reputation to get offered the best survey opportunities.

Ensuring that your profile is fully completed is another thing that will mean you get the best paying survey opportunities. Most online survey panels reward you for filling in your profile, and it can be done easily in a minute or two. Having a completed profile makes it easier for the market research panel to send you relevant survey opportunities that you qualify for. If your profile is incomplete, the market research panel software will send you to a survey only to reject you after you have filled out the screening questions that indicate that you are not a good match for the survey. Not only will you become frustrated with the process of being rejected but it is a waste of time for both you and the market research company.

After a few days, you should receive your first survey opportunity or if you have signed up to a survey database you may have found a high paying survey or focus group that your profile matches, and you can get started earning some cash. But the best opportunities are offered after a few months of consistent work. These opportunities include offers of $25 gift cards for 30 minutes work, surveys that pay $70 for a couple of hours completing a long survey, and focus groups that generously reward you.

So if you wonder, how can I get paid to do online surveys, the answer is that you have to demonstrate that you are a consistent worker who takes sufficient time to thoughtfully answer questions and who does the best job possible. The market research companies will recognize your efforts and begin to reward you accordingly.

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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Are Paid Surveys Safe?

Some people want the small reward that paid surveys award you for completing market research projects but are hesitant to participate. This is because they wonder, are paid surveys safe? As a result, they think their privacy and information may be compromised. Professional market research companies must adhere to certain laws which require them to comply with a strict privacy policy.

When sharing your personal details about the products you use, your information is anonymously recorded. The only identifying information that market research companies use to identify people within surveys is group indicators. Examples of these include your sex, how old you are, your residential postcode, your profession, and your income before taxes. Names, addresses, emails, and personal details are not connected to the information you provide within the survey.

At the beginning of each survey, most market research companies ask you to familiarize yourself with their privacy policy and state that all information that you provide will remain anonymous. They also require you to keep details of the studies confidential as at times they ask you to give your opinion about products that are not yet in the marketplace.

It is in the market research company's best interest to not connect the information you provide with your personal details as not only would it break certain laws but it would put a black mark against the market research company's name. As a result, they would lose business and panel participants would cease to participate as their privacy would be at risk. And they would soon be out of business.

Certain laws govern the operation of market research and every market research company must have a privacy policy which they adhere to. To answer the question, are paid surveys safe? Yes, paid surveys are safe. They have been part of the marketplace for many years and the market research sector must abide by the law.

Friday, 6 July 2018

How Much Can You Earn From Paid Surveys?

Most people need some kind of way of bringing in some extra income every month as a household's main income doesn't cover all expenses for comfortable living. Many people have explored many options for making extra income online. As with all make money online methods people want to know what kind of monetary return they can expect for their time. If you are considering earning extra income from completing paid surveys, you probably are asking the same question everyone asks when they are considering participating in paid surveys.

How much can you earn from paid surveys?

To begin with. Not much. That is if you Google paid surveys and join some market research companies that cater to people in your region. Depending on the site, surveys can pay from as little as 5 cents to as much as $150. But the $150 offer isn't going to become available straight away. As with anything you need to prove yourself to be a valued worker. When you land a job offline, the first day you start, you don't ask for a promotion. The same with online work, when you prove yourself to be a valued worker, better offers are offered.

How do you become a valued worker?

Becoming a valued worker comes from treating your work like work. You need to show up a certain percentage of the time and put in the effort. This means carefully reading survey questions, thinking carefully about your answers, and then typing in a descriptive answer. Not treating your survey taking as a race to earn as many points or as much money as possible. The small rewards that are offered are only a small amount of what could be offered if you spend enough time to do your work well.

Is there a shortcut to earning larger rewards?

Yes. A company that I have researched called Gold Opinions, has researched the Market Research market to uncover various survey companies that are will to pay new survey takers sign-up bonuses as an incentive to join their market research companies. Additionally, every week, Gold Opinions research various market research companies that are paying large amounts to recruit people for online studies. Unfortunately, as Gold Opinions is  US based, most of these opportunities are only available to those in the US or the UK. But the sign-up bonuses are offered to those that live all around the world.

Is there a market research database that caters for people worldwide?

Yes, there is. A database called 'Take Surveys For Cash' assists people worldwide to find survey opportunities that cater to people in their region to earn the largest survey payments possible. To find survey opportunities in your region it is a matter of selecting your country with the drop-down selector. While Gold Opinions is a monthly subscription service, Take Surveys For Cash is a one-time payment service. The difference being that Take Surveys For Cash is a database of market research companies whereas Gold Opinions is also a market research database but also conducts daily research to find the best and highest paying online study opportunities.

The amount you can earn from paid surveys depends on the amount of time, work and in some cases money that you are willing to invest for the best possible monetary outcome. Once you become a dedicated worker you can expect many surveys to start paying you between $25 - $75 per survey. I was once offered a two-hour survey that offered a reward of $70. This meant in effect I was earning $35 per hour, which is a reasonable return for my time, but it did not require extreme effort.

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